Instantly integrate your work and kanban

TODOs in your markdown, docs and code are represented as cards on your kanban board. Your files and kanban are kept in sync and your cards link directly to your work.

Organize your TODO comments with kanban

Creating a TODO kanban board for your project is simple. Open imdone and click "Add a project". Imdone will scan your project directory for TODO comments and place them on your board. While imdone is running it listens for file changes in your project and updates your board. You can organize your cards by dragging them on the board. When a card is moved to a new list or position, imdone changes the token (e.g. TODO) in the file.

Extensions and Plugins

Use your javascript skills to automate tasks when a card is read or your board is updated, add properties for string interpolation and create board and card actions using the imdone api and extension modules or write a plugin.

Aggregate your markdown checklist items

Imdone can aggregate your markdown checklist items in an entire folder of markdown files into a kanban (board).Just enable "Add checklist items as cards?" in board settings.

Get to work lightning fast!

Open your editor to the source of a card by clicking the "open file" card menu item or pressing Cmd or Ctrl + O when a card is selected.

Add cards fast!

Quickly add cards by adding them to your files directly, or on your imdone board by clicking "Add a card" or using the space bar.Cards created in imdone will get appended to a markdown file based on your Journal Type.

Open your cards at the source

Imdone has built in support for VS Code, Atom, Obsidian, your system default editor or a custom command like sublime "${path}":${line}

Plain language due dates

Adding due dates and times to your cards is super simple. Just add a sentence that begins with the word "Due". For example Due tomorrow at 3pm..

When saved, this gets converted to the metadata due:2020-01-20T22:00:00.000Z. Cards with due dates have a yellow or red tag at the bottom with a plain english representation of the due date.

The tag is yellow if the due date is in the future and red if the due date is in the past. Use this due date for filtered lists like "What's Due?".

Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts

We're serious about keeping your fingers on the keyboard. Here's a list of the keyboard shortcuts available today. Let us know if we've missed anything important to you.

Move or Delete TODO comments in bulk

Filter your board and click the Delete filtered cards or Move filtered cards link.

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What People are Saying

John Kelser

Finally a TODO app that brings order to your chaos on your terms

Trevor Meier

I’m using imdone for organizing post-production and film festival submissions. I have thousands of details recorded across hundreds of markdown notes. Imdone makes it super simple to pull all of this detail into a simple-to-organize Kanban view. I love being able to coordinate so much detail in a simple visual format directly in context while I make my notes!

Eric Arrington

I am super curious to hear how this project started! I am going to go ahead and purchase today. I like what I see so far and it is a more organized way of doing what I am using VsCode for currently.

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