Turn TODO comments...

# TODO(josh11b,ashankar,allenl):
# - Should 'trainable' be changeable on the Network object?
# - Do we allow add_variable in Network?
# - Detect layers used in __call__ that weren't registered with track_layer.
# - Convert inputs to __call__ to tensors.
def __init__(self, name=None):
  """Configure the `Network`.
    name: The name to use for this `Network`. If specified, it must be unique
      in the context where this `Network` is first
       (1) added to another `Network` (in which case it must not share a name
         with other `Layers` added to that `Network`), or
       (2) built/called (in which case no other 'top-level' `Network`s may
        share this name).

How it works

When you add a github repo, imdone clones it and scans your source code for TODO (FIXME, HACK, etc.) comments. Importing each one into a new GitHub issue.

Imdone also creates a webhook that runs when you push code to your github repo. It looks for new, updated and deleted TODO comments.

  • When a new TODO comment is found, an issue is created with the TODO line as the title and the following comment lines (description) as the body.
  • When a TODO comment or it's description is updated imdone will update the TODO's corresponding issue.
  • When a TODO comment is deleted, imdone will close it's corresponding issue.
  • Using the +label-name format, you can add labels to your issues.

Imdone aims to keep you in the flow of your work while capturing tasks to be accomplished later. Most issue trackers require a user interface. Imdone lets you capture tasks in a simple text format that has roots in todo.txt format and programming comment tags like TODO and FIXME.

Imdone works great on it's own, but if you want to take your TODO tracking to the next level try our kanabn board imdone-atom for Atom editor

Imdone format

Code Style

// TODO This is a task
// TODO: This is a task
// TODO: A task with a descrption looks like this.
// Every line after the task is part of the description until we find another
// task, a blank comment line, or a line of code
// - A list item
// - Another list item

Hash Style

#TODO: This is a task
#to-do: This is a task

Markdown Style

[This is a task](#todo:)

Task syntax

  • List names in code style tasks must match this regular expression ([A-Z]+[A-Z-_]+?).
  • In Hash and markdown style tasks list name can be any combination of upper and lower case letters, underscores and dashes
  • In Hash and markdown style tasks the list name must be followed by a :
  • In code, tasks can be any style but must be in a line or block comment
    • Code style tasks are only detected in comments for files with extensions listed in imdone-core/languages.js or the languages attribute in the .imdone/config.json
  • For code and hash style tasks, the task text is terminated by the end of line
  • Task text can have todo.txt formatting excluding the completion and priority markers.
  • Task text can have markdown formatting

todo.txt syntax examples

Create date

// TODO: 2015-02-09 This task was created on 2015-02-09

Completed date

// TODO: x 2015-02-09 2015-02-08 This task was created on 2015-02-08 and completed on 2015-02-09

Due Date

// TODO: This task is due on 2015-02-09 due:2015-02-09

Tags (todo.txt projects)

// FIXME: This task has a *madjs* tag +madjs


// HACK: This task has a *madjs* context @madjs


// DOING: This task has profile metadata profile:piascikj

Not using GitHub for your backlog?

Right now we're pretty focussed on making our github and waffle integration rock solid, but we've got webhooks too! They're still in beta, but after you setup your project and feel the urge to tinker, you might want to check these out...

Try our free TODO kanban board, imdone-atom for Atom Editor

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Check out these TODO numbers in open source...

~2750 TODOs

TODO comments


A code comment that begins with TODO, FIXME, HACK, XXX etc. We know most of them and if we don't you can add them yourself!

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