The biggest problem developers have with task management is leaving their code to keep the task management system up to date. That makes it hard for product owners, product managers and other team members to know the status of a piece of work.

Kanban boards, issue trackers and project management tools that are built for non-developers (That's most of them) can't fix this problem — they can only make it worse. Imdone is different. It keeps all the development tasks in the code, making task management easy for developers.

We use imdone to build software (imdone), plan marketing campaigns, track personal goals — you get the idea. It's a simple way to stay organized when you spend most of your day in a text editor.

Imdone TODO syntax

Code Style

// TODO This is a task
// TODO: This is a task
// TODO: A task with a descrption looks like this.
// Every line after the task is part of the description until we find another
// task, a blank comment line, or a line of code
// - A list item
// - Another list item

Hash Style

#TODO: This is a task
#to-do: This is a task

Markdown Style

[This is a task](#todo:)

Task syntax

  • List names in code style tasks must match this regular expression ([A-Z]+[A-Z-_]+?).
  • In Hash and markdown style tasks list name can be any combination of upper and lower case letters, underscores and dashes
  • In Hash and markdown style tasks the list name must be followed by a :
  • In code, tasks can be any style but must be in a line or block comment
    • Code style tasks are only detected in comments for files with extensions listed in imdone-core/languages.js or the languages attribute in the .imdone/config.json
  • For code and hash style tasks, the task text is terminated by the end of line
  • Task text can have todo.txt formatting excluding the completion and priority markers.
  • Task text can have markdown formatting

todo.txt syntax examples

Create date

// TODO: 2015-02-09 This task was created on 2015-02-09

Completed date

// TODO: x 2015-02-09 2015-02-08 This task was created on 2015-02-08 and completed on 2015-02-09

Due Date

// TODO: This task is due on 2015-02-09 due:2015-02-09

Tags (todo.txt projects)

// FIXME: This task has a *madjs* tag +madjs


// HACK: This task has a *madjs* context @madjs


// DOING: This task has profile metadata profile:piascikj

TODO comments


A code comment that begins with TODO, FIXME, HACK, XXX etc. We know most of them and if we don't you can add them yourself!

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