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Seamless integration of your code, markdown and kanban

When you spend most of your day in a text editor, it makes sense to keep your TODO list with you. Imdone is for developers and software professionals who prefer to work in code, plain text and markdown. It turns your TODO comments into a kanban board that lives in your code and text files.

Organize your TODO comments with kanban

Creating a TODO kanban board for your project is simple. Open imdone and click "Add a project". Imdone will scan your project directory for TODO comments and place them on your board. While imdone is running it listens for file changes in your project and updates your board. You can organize your cards by dragging them on the board. When a card is moved to a new list or position, imdone changes the token (e.g. TODO) in the file.

Use your favorite text editor

From your imdone kanban board you can open directly to the source of your cards with your favorite text editor and get back to your work immediately.

Imdone has built in support for Atom and VS Code or your system default editor.

Get to your notes fast

What about those times when your coding or working on a task and you need to take a quick note? When imdone is running, pressing cmd+shift+j will open your projects daily journal file. Use it to quickly record notes and tasks while you work.

Delete TODO comments in bulk

Keep your code clean by moving completed TODO comment cards to the DONE column, filtering your board with list=DONE and clicking the delete button.


For a full list of features, take a look at the documentation.

TODO comments


A code comment that begins with TODO, FIXME, HACK, XXX etc. Programmers use them to track things they should follow up on in the code.

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