TODO comments with superpowers

Imdone builds on the well established programming tradition of leaving TODO comments in code by supercharging them with markdown. If your new to markdown, we've got you covered with a built in markdown editor and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Stay focussed on your work

Use imdone's focus mode to stay focussed on your goals and track progress while the markdown editor is just a key press away.

Say goodbye to filling out fields

Use tags like #urgent or #devops and metadata like release:1.2 in your cards to easily organize your backlog,instead of spending time filling out endless issue forms.

Extensions and Plugins

Use your javascript skills to automate tasks when a card is moved or your board is updated.

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What People are Saying

John Kelser

Finally a TODO app that brings order to your chaos on your terms

Trevor Meier

I’m using imdone for organizing post-production and film festival submissions. I have thousands of details recorded across hundreds of markdown notes. Imdone makes it super simple to pull all of this detail into a simple-to-organize Kanban view. I love being able to coordinate so much detail in a simple visual format directly in context while I make my notes!

Eric Arrington

I am super curious to hear how this project started! I am going to go ahead and purchase today. I like what I see so far and it is a more organized way of doing what I am using VsCode for currently.

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