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You live in the code, your tasks should too!

Things people love about

Record Tasks Anywhere

You can keep on working when you need to record a task and they're recognized in a few formats, including:

  Traditional code style
  // TODO: This is a task in a javascript comment

  Hashtag in code
  // #TODO:10 Hashtag task in a javascript comment

  Hashtag in any text file
  #doing:20 Task in a text file like markdown

  Markdown Link
  [This is a task](#archive:30)
The word before the : is the list name and the number after the : is the sort order in the list.

Tasks Are In Your Files

Since tasks are in your files, you can sync them with cloud services like GitHub or Dropbox and record them while you're away

Use the todo.txt format

If you're familiar with todo.txt format you'll love the convenience of assigning projects/tags, context, dates and other metadata to your tasks and using regex task filters to show only the tasks you're interested in seeing.

Add metadata with custom linking by adding a meta node to your .imdone/config.json

  "meta": {
    "issue": {
      "urlTemplate": "",
      "titleTemplate": "Github issue #%s"
    "assigned": {
      "urlTemplate": "",
      "titleTemplate": "github profile for %s"

Master Your Flow

Add lists on the fly to drag tasks into.

Create tasks for code reviews to make navigating the code a breeze.

Regex Task Filters

Filter the tasks in your board so you can really focus!

Click on a tag or metadata filter to show related tasks.

Create a FILTER list and use #filter links to filter tasks with a specific tag like this...

#FILTER:0 [show product tasks](#filter/\+product)