How It Works

Things people love about iMDone

Record Tasks Anywhere

You can keep on working when you need to record a task and they're recognized in a few formats, including:

  Traditional code style
  // TODO: This is a task in a javascript comment

  #doing:60 This is a task

  Markdown Link
  [This is a task](#done:20)

Github Flavored Markdown

It respects GFM and gollum style file links, so it makes a great tool for managing your github wiki.

Tasks Are In Your Files

Since tasks are in your files, you can sync them with cloud services like GitHub or Dropbox and record them while you're away

Master Your Flow

You can open multiple projects at once, each with it's own board. Your lists are determined by the tasks in your files or create empty lists to drag tasks into.

Regex File Search And Task Filters

Search your project files or filter the tasks in your board so you can really focus!


Just an example so far, but the possabilities are endless. Here are some ideas. Maybe you'll write your own!

  • LaTeX preview
  • Publish to tumblr and move article to published list
  • Create github issues from tasks and link them
  • SCRUM user stories
  • Assign tasks to github users with @username